Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transit Wheelchair Why Low Mileage Cars, Why Not Cool And Groovy Mass Transit ?

Why low mileage cars, why not cool and groovy mass transit ? - transit wheelchair

Why Thousands produce millions of vehicles that require a kind of energy. Why not focus on low-cost, low emission, high quality, time, mass transportation?

Why does not the public transport as a Starbucks on wheels? Coffee in the morning sitting at a table on the way to work.

Transport another topic:

discussions on the scoring in the lives of the mass transfer

Travel for the family, ME AND THE KIDS ON THE GO

for those who do not want that to stop people, speakers, cruise along the RCA in the library or kiosk EXPRESS

Travel for the disabled? The Welcome Wagon WHEELCHAIR

Young people? TEEN Green Travel

And give me answers, "People do not want ... blahblahblah".

Enter the solution ... to see what happens ... Art of Field of Dreams - If you build it they will come.

Oooh Oooh - this is the opportunity is short! THEATER CHAIR
Children and Families - Cartoon Car

Cool. Making it happen ... easy and afFord!


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