Friday, January 22, 2010

Sure Fire Hiv Symptoms Stds:HIV,AIDS,HERPES,SYPHILUS,… Symptoms,sure Fire Signs Dead Give Aways As To Who Has And Who Doesnt.?

Stds:HIV,AIDS,HERPES,SYPHILUS,… Symptoms,sure fire signs dead give aways as to who has and who doesnt.? - sure fire hiv symptoms

How do you know if you have one? How do you feel? What signs?


Cern Annwn said...


One of the most common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV / AIDS is a burning sensation when urinating. There is a slight pain is a sharp burning sensation you something is wrong. Other common symptoms are current. Any type of sexually transmitted disease also has its own characteristic symptoms. You can always check out for detailed information.

HIV / AIDS has no "symptoms" of himself. The first infection can cause cold / flu-like symptoms. Some people have and not think another thing: you have a cold or flu. Some people feel nothing. The only way doctors can determine the HIV status is the presence of antibodies in the blood determined by a blood test. Any "symptoms" can experienceing be used in any way to determine whether HIV. The only other way that people discover that they have HIV / AIDS if they develop an opportunistic infection. These infections are very common and not jeopardize a healthy person. However, since no one immuneSystem increasingly these infections requires relatively safe to much more serious and some are fatal. So for some people it is not until they for diseases that are not quite sure (everything is not that they are ill to be hospitalized), discovering that she was HIV-positive.


e837 said...

There are many different symptoms for each disease, you have listed. But basically, if you're tired, can not eat, lose weight, would be a good idea to get tested. You may have some of these diseases and no signs and symptoms.

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