Monday, January 4, 2010

Io Mortgage Big Mortgage Woes.? House Worth Much Less Than I Own.?

Big mortgage woes.? House worth much less than I own.? - io mortgage

I now have a house worth $ 430,000 and $ 610,000 owed to. My first mortgage is up to the change in variable-rate and I pay $ 3400 for the first installment of 1240 and in the second. I do not want to exclude and hurt my credit, but you can see that it is impossible to sell, and IO do not know any other way out of this dilemma. If I remain yours in a few years back the value of what I? Just below, and should accept the fact that my credit is shot? I pay half of my house on the payment of the mortgage to speak, the increase could.


yyyyyy said...

These are difficult questions

If you have any income to repay loans, and if we continue to be the house of love and wants to live there, just trying to the value of what they think the house is worth thinking for you

could be a few years to recover before returning to values, but again, over time, the question is whwther location data soon or not

unless they lose their income and can not pay more, I suggest you keep paying and hope for the best

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