Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heart Murmur Treatment More Condition_symptoms I Have A Heart Murmur.What Is That?Can I Get Treatment?

I have a heart murmur.What is that?Can i get treatment? - heart murmur treatment more condition_symptoms

What kind of treatment can i get.What?


i_was_my... said...

A rumor is not heart disease. It is a symptom.

When the heart beats of rhythmic beeping. If the sound is not normal, is called a heart murmur.

At this point, you do not know what the cause of the heart of your right sound. Most of the time is nothing to fear. But you should check for serious heart disease.

You can also read this list to see if any of these symptoms sound similar to your life.

Carly said...

A heart murmur is not a disease, his heart Sometimes it's mostly innocent, there is no treatment for a heart murmur, because nothing is wrong, sometimes by a heart murmur may be caused by a heart problem in these cases, you should see a cardiologist and able to say what is wrong and what treatment you need.

gangadharan nair said...

Echocardiography may be the cause of cardiac murmur. Several bugs in the heart can cause heart murmurs. Some heart murmurs are innocent, and some are serious.
Consult a cardiologist.

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