Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fire Extinguisher Covers Which Would Be Your Course Of Action?

Which would be your course of action? - fire extinguisher covers

That is the situation:
You are alone in a very wrong in a city. It is a moonless night. Your car is in the worst possible place, broken and your phone is dead. The fires are almost non-existent. Suddenly you see a gang of 3 men in dirty clothes is baggy same color and at least one with a pistol. You are looking around nervously. You have a business Abondo occurred just before you discovered.
Inside there is garbage everywhere and the floor strewn with litter and tipping ciggerette. Strange stains and graffiti on the walls. On a table are:
A 5 pound lever
A chef's knife with rust spots and one 10 "leaf
A dirty, grease gun, a tape drive and two rows, 38
On the wall is covered with a fire extinguisher in the cobwebs.
You will hear soft voices and footsteps approaching panic outside. It may be, would, and have discovered his secret. They have a few seconds to act.
What would you do?


twostage... said...

Good question. He is now on alert and be aware of anyone who is with you. The fact that the weapons found in places of refuge could mean someones slipped accidentally into the ground.

I hope your 1911 has had a full magazine, as you pulled the IWB holster. Crappola which will go into operation at any time, and you have trained for this moment. ensure that no witnesses .. Double Tap the center of mass and the other at the front.

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