Sunday, January 24, 2010

How To Inject Vicodin I've Been Taking Lortab 10/500(vicodin) For About 2 Months, And I'm Not Feeling The Pleasure Like I Used To...?

I've been taking Lortab 10/500(vicodin) for about 2 months, and I'm not feeling the pleasure like I used to...? - how to inject vicodin

The question is: What can I do for my sensitive back. I) not one (of 8 clock Friday and I have a meeting tomorrow night (SAT), so I do until then ... I have a bottle of testosterone E (250mg/ml) and injected 1 ml and just one more tomorrow night ... Do you think that it works and what else?


rachelb4... said...

Eww, why testosterone do? This does not help get the high back to what you have to do is get some niacin to take to get into GNC and 3 of them and cleanse the entire system and the tons of water to drink. Niacin helps your body warm and clean in all the toxins. So tomorrow when you go where you then more Vicodin than they were, as if you take 2 10, then take 3 or 4 10's.

JD said...

First lorotabs / Vicodin / Percocet, and all other types of medication to alleviate the pain for pleasure Arent. theyre used to be able to cope better with pain. Sounds like you are using these provisions of the completely wrong reasons. what is a crime. just a warning.

In'll tell you how to go back there, where you at the top of these pills. But what your body is to build immunity to drugs. So if you're at it, make alias, abuse them, lose their effectiveness, in which they are intended.

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