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Galndular Fever Rash What Vitamins Supplements/natural Remedies Are Dangerous During Pregnancy?

What vitamins supplements/natural remedies are dangerous during pregnancy? - galndular fever rash

I am currently in the pile of vitamins such as zinc, vitamin C, A, C10, etc., and an immune system stimulant drugs-Chinese tonic, as I am recovering from recurrent fever and galndular virus. I hope to become pregnant, because she wondered what to think and stop, if I am pregnant


Starcatc... said...

Herbs are treated in danger during pregnancy, because the research is not done enough for themselves, but there is no reason to take them while you are pregnant. If you are in a position to stop the grass, I would do in the next few months to start TTC.
I just want to take a multivitamin like Centrum (or find one of all the things you) in it. Centrum contains vitamins and minerals that our body needs for fertility, such as selenium and copper. Do not take other people (unless the C10 is really CoQ10 which) for the high fertility, and their hearts.

Vitamin A, more than 10,000 pre-pregnancy and more than 6000 during pregnancy is known to cause birth defects.
Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble, that in the fat cells stored so that it will be easy to have too.
Others are soluble in water and are eliminated from the body primarily through urine, which can be administered at higher doses before pregnancy but not during pregnancy.
Everything that you take during pregnancy, a prenatal vitamin and omega-3.

Here are other things that you booST fertility --

Coral calcium (helps to increase cm but you have to take with water. Water helps absorption)
PABA 300 mg
DHEA 75 mg (makes ovaries involved minors again after 3 months of revenue)
EPA and DHA (omega oils needed for fertility)
Arginine (increases circulation to the ovaries and uterus)
Glutathione (an intracellular antioxidant to the egg before ovulation to protect developing countries eggs)
Manganese (known as the mineral supply. Raises the lack of sterility)
Royal jelly (super food for cells)
Coenzyme Q10 (for heart and circulatory system)
Dandelonn and milk thistle (liver detoxification and to improve the elimination of toxins in the body)
Pycnogenol (super anti-Oxident)
The alpha-lipoic acid (aids certain vitamins in the body)
Green Tea (anti-Oxident)
Chlorophyll (balances insulin and fuel cells)
Taurine (fertility amino acid)
Acetyl L-Carnitine (amino like compound found growing egg)
Grape seed (aids fertility)

And all that in a multi-vitamin called Centrum.

Healthy Eatingaa drink a lot. Stay away from things that break (the egg more - of lactose sugar is toxic to the development of the follicle), white sugar, alcohol, Caffine (it leads to an imbalance in the levels of cortisol and insulin), smoking and any kind of artificial chemicals (natural sense of baking soda and clean vingar), and smoke.

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