Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Do Tech Deck Cakes How Do I Ollie On A Tech Deck?

How do I ollie on a Tech Deck? - what do tech deck cakes

I find it hard, an ollie on a bridge technology to make. It's a bit strange that a key tricks is harder for me than a real skateboard. Any help?


Jack said...

The only way I know to do:
1) Place your index finger on the logo grip tape deck technology.
2) Put your finger on the back / kick Council.
To move 3) The Board of Directors, fast forward.
4) Press the blow with his finger.
5) moves his finger on the edge.
6) Push down while in the air in the soil.
7) Press firmly on the floor with your fingers.

At first it seems impossible, but you will.

Tip: Try practicing on a bed or couch. It is spring, and it is easier to tricks. It's really good for practice.

If this seems possible to see the tutorials on YouTube Tech Deck.

Good luck:)

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