Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prints Posters Destin What Is The Difference, Visually, (assuming They Will Be Framed) Between "art Prints" And "posters"

What is the difference, visually, (assuming they will be framed) between "art prints" and "posters" - prints posters destin

It is an apartment that I buy with my friend, we plan to hang a piece of art to posters on the wall and I wonder whether the frame is:
1) too sticky.
2) we see that it belongs in a bedroom and not in an apartment.


Jeanbug said...

Prints are signed, limited edition prints on paper quality.
The posters are mass-produced, unsigned, and a kind of thinner paper.

I have framed a series of posters and art prints in my house, and believe me, they want something, but the sticky-and bedroom-ish. The secret is to establish a framework to select a color in the print equivalent. Impressions of the beautiful vintage look with a narrow wooden frame and look great with modern painted metal frame.

Avoid buying the "poster frame prefabricated" and visit instead of a business context. You can add custom colors to save pictures and mounting up to $ $ $.

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