Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heart Pains More Condition_symptoms What Do I Have If I Have Chest Pains And Dizziness When Standing Up? Is It A Heart Condition?

What do I have if I have chest pains and dizziness when standing up? Is it a heart condition? - heart pains more condition_symptoms

I give common) cardiac pain (pain in bouncce beats and the feeling in my chest and I get very lightheaded and dizzy if I ever?
Under what conditions can


Melmo said...

Sounds like low blood pressure and not enough oxygen circulating in the body. That cause chest pain, blood or oxygen is not flowing, but it can also cause dizziness and nausea, feeling faint. Find out more slowly and make no sudden movements. It is the so-called orthostatic hypo meaning BP voltage drops when you rise. Many people, especially girls, are anemic. It is a condition of the heart to say, but can be caused by a lack of fluid (dehydration). Add a little salt can to help the liquid diet. If you continue to see a doctor

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