Thursday, November 12, 2009

Office 2003 Pro Activation Microsoft Office Pro 2003 - Activation - Trying To Switch Activation From One Computer To The Other.?

Microsoft Office Pro 2003 - Activation - Trying to switch activation from one computer to the other.? - office 2003 pro activation

Softwarde originally installed and activated on 2 teams. We call it computer A and B. I deleted the program from a computer, we call them as I will now install and activate the program on another computer, the computer C. So instead of Comp. A or B, and I want the program A and C have.

The problem is that I now installed in C. (Nothing is left in B), but when I try to activate it, I get an error message that the installation wizard that they have said in the Max. Number of computers. So, basically, is still somewhat active on computer B. So far, I called the customer service center so that activation could be made that, as I am a fool or a liar. I was told to call the technique. Support Center can not until tomorrow.

If anyone has experienced this, or has a solution, I really appreciate it!



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