Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brazilan Wax Photos Does It Hurt To Get A Brazilian Wax?

Does it hurt to get a Brazilian wax? - brazilan wax photos

So I do not know, sometimes, as if in going to a party or on a separate unshaven, even there, its so annoying, but I wonder whether it easier to make wax? I have my legs (from knee to ankle) wax my eyebrows, but I heard that the pain is nothing compared to Brazil ...

Please let me know if u think it's a good idea! thank youuuu!


Jay said...

I get a Brazilian wax every month and is 100% worth it! :]

You'll love it. And your partner if you have a will, rejoice. Hahaha.

Do it now! Of course it's painful, but quite bearable. Do not worry. And you will be red and painful, about 2-4 hours. But the latest results in 3-6 weeks!

I hope that helped a lot of fun!

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