Sunday, February 14, 2010

Men Breast Cancer More Condition_symptoms What Are The Symptoms Of Men Breast Cancer?

What are the symptoms of men breast cancer? - men breast cancer more condition_symptoms

I feel a lump in my left breast, her soft, 1 but when I massage, hard, but in only 14 turning 15 is normal?
is cancer?


Tapestry... said...

Could be a cyst, but better check with your doctor. My cousin died of breast cancer, because they could not very well known people. Hope is only a cyst, which provide nothing about himself from time to time.

Mmmm... said...

Symptoms are ...

A lump in the breast can be noticeable.


An inverted nipple.

Secretion (clear or bloody).

Wounds on the nipple and areola (the small ring of color at the center of the nipple).

The lymph nodes in the armpit

Breast cancer in humans is very rare, and perhaps that you go through puberty.

but if the pain or if there is more going to the doctor to be checked.

"P" enjoy said...

Pain and the little red spot.

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