Monday, February 1, 2010

What Color Wire To Connect To Remote Where To Plug Remote Wire?

Where to plug Remote Wire? - what color wire to connect to remote

I have a Mazda Protege 2000th Here are the color coded wires are
Mazda Protege 2000 stereo wiring

Constant 12V +: Blue / Red
Switched 12V +: Blue / Black
Low: Black / Yellow
Lighting: Red / Black
Variable: n / a
Antenna: Pilar del conductor
Front Speaker: 6 1 / 2 "Doors
Left Front (+) Purple
Left Front (-) / Blue Orange
Right Front (+) Yellow / Blue
Right Front (-) / Purple White
Rear speakers: 6 "x 9" Rear Deck
Left Rear (+) Yellow
Left Rear (-) Orange
Right Rear (+) Green / Orange
Right Rear (-) Green / Black

Where can I get my cable remote control?


JMann said...

When we speak of the distance over blue in a head-unit on the secondary market. Probably not necessary to connect to anything. This is a remote turn on wire for power antenna or an external amplifier.

DO NOT connect to a !!!!! POWER SOURCE Sorry for shouting. Just had to say.

If you are in an amplifier with 12V + to the wire.

sparky34... said...

Perform a Fusion (1 A, 14 AWG) with a fuse in the fuse box that power if the car has on one side of a switch. On the other side of the switch, the thread of the same size for the (REM run remote) connection to the amplifier.

This allows full control and you never forget about, turn take care of the amplifier. The switch is what you turn on the amp, it will not give grandma a heart attack in the car.

You can find fuse taps and store in-line fuse holders at any car parts.

sickcallaway (Sarcastic Joker) said...

All other cable or a fuse that is hot only when the key is in

MR32B said...

to the 12V on blue / black wire is connected ..

hlibier said...

blue / black

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