Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Swollen Nipples My Dogs Nipples Got Bigger Or Swollen?

My dogs nipples got bigger or swollen? - big swollen nipples

If my dog has her 5 months pregnant, which I doubt, because you do not heat for atleast the next 3 months, she Heat 1 every 6 months. In addition to the puppy is not large enough to mount. still larger nipples seem to have got, although it still had some fat there.


Eat. Sleep. Adopt a Husky. said...

My Pitt / Lab has a false pregnancy, there are about 2 ½ years. At first we thought Knocked Up was, when we arrived. Her breasts swelled on and it seemed as if they actually breastfeeding. Never puppies and unfortunately, the swelling had never went away. It gets even better after the vet finally gave the green light for sterilization, but are still very clear.

It could be, Prego, as everything is in fact possible. You Get her checked by your veterinarian. It is not certain, 2 healthy dogs have each other around, so Oops! arrives. You can sterilize your order.

Oreo said...

Your puppy might be pregnant. Sometimes, even if they do not heat or a past that is still a couple of days because it could occur sooner or later one day. In any case, you should take him to the vet. In general, the dog should be about 3 or 4 weeks, the nipples more or inflated pregnant.

I hope I've helped.

P. H said...

It is a very common mistake a dachshund can be a Great Dane get pregnant. and people are singers like cycle is not predictable, even though ours is off for a few days, they can sit for a few months. I suggest you take him to the vet and get his review shortly.

AutumSta... said...

First, if this is not a show dog has its sterile. Secondly, if a heat cycle so she can get pregnant. And can run it, no matter what your size. And if this is your pet Why you got that?

cristina... said...

it to be collected, perhaps, as the milk in bresticle:) is like puberty, only with a dog, no matter if she is not pregnant, it can happen.

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