Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aquarium Sealer How Long Does It Take To Dry Second Gerbil?

Second Gerbil? - aquarium sealer how long does it take to dry

Well, I have a lot of questions, and if you do my other questions that make more sense. So, now that I finally managed to persuade my mother to another for Guinea Pig Ralph will get happier. When we were at Petco yesterday, but said he would be an aquarium sealant to a portion of the cage must. I asked my why we can not throw in the tank together. I told him that I would fight, but she asked an employee. He said if it is an introduction to the cold, was killed a. Mum is worrying, because they said it would be sad if Ralph were to kill, I would. Therefore, we asked a lady companion in the room and told me that if we had a lot to do, it might be nice, but I wish Ralph the longest, most beautiful life possible. But he has a long life, so the other gerbil killed, or if you are not alone! I bought a few toys for Ralph today and I put my hand into the tank twice a day, but has not been sleeping and eating alone, and nobody, the bridegroom! More details in a minute ....


Me said...

Your right to the divided cage is the way for a gerbil intro go again. Usually takes about 2 weeks out of the cage before spilling introductions.

Make sure that each each day from 2 or three hours, then from side to side.

Gerbils Gerbils are younger to older penetrate more easily.

Here's an interesting site, the American Gerbil Society and the Nice Guy.



Kat said...

Gerbil boys are easier to implement or immature gerbils of both sexes. Ralph would be about 2 months that he would be in the midst of puberty - not a good time for a quick introduction. You do not stick to the tank to tank separation. While gerbils can not be on the other hand, a method that you want to use. Some have a screen diagonal. You switch sides every day, but not clean linens. It's the smell more than anything else that connects them. Here is a link that is the list of the American Gerbil Society http://www.agsgerbils.org/Maine.html Maine and this is your one page ads: http://www.agsgerbils.org/classifieds/. I know there are breeders in Maine and can potentially result in the cages and presentations.

Little Bunny said...

I am a former employee of PetSmart and raised in front of my guinea pigs. Gerbils are best when the same-sex couples and grew up together. The introduction of more youth counseling, old Gerber is poorly together. The biggest is getting more aggressive, the child because of territorial issues. There's really no getting. So it is true that if you are more likely to die than one. Well, I mean, is not entirely impossible to make, but it is far better if someone with more experience with gerbils. Looks like your gerbil is, life still in him. Many toys and sweets. While your attention of another gerbil gerbil adjusted if necessary. I must say that just becauseone of the hobbies that I do is. I do not think the aquarium is the best location for your gerbil. But already this election, and if you want more of what I think about it then know you can look at my previous questions, I answered. And say everything I do. But I do not think that's always a guinea pig really a good choice. Your gerbil quite mature at this time is one year. A lifetime of gerbils is 3 years. Add another gerbil really stressful. Thus, it would probably happier alone.

AHHH, it's a damn lot more than two weeks to introduce them. By dividing the living space does not allow interaction between the two gerbils. Why would not helpa situation or in any other way! I have no idea that the information that gerbils are easier to introduce new ones. That is wrong. They are difficult, because most of the gerbil has matured.

ratlover... said...

Regards ..

We have 2 gerbils (boys and girls separately) in gerbilariums. They have some of the cable at the top so they can communicate.

The fact is that I know, there's no way we would have a female flatmate .. except perhaps the man, but were more widely than those for a long time. Man? More relaxed .. but not always on her.

Your gerbil can be happy alone, now that he has used, in my opinion.

With respect to the distribution of the cage, but is higher than the 1 Person that I heard that does not work. I think the son is the best Tho ..

Hope this helps.

cheyenne said...

if a girl get another girl, when a person gets a different kind. My hamster loves his new girlfriend!

LostSoul said...

I do not try another Guinea Pig. I have decades of experience with gerbils and have never been introduced in a position to successfully by two strangers. Although it would initially always afraid that something might trigger a fight. My gerbils love to run in his wheel, but you do not come open at the wheels and bars, because they can remove the tail of the hamster. I like the convenience of wheels to see the link below, but you should test it first to ensure that it runs OK. My gerbils and bath and paper towels and Nut Knot Nibbler by Superpet-see the second link below.
You can also crawl received from the cages with the tubes through.

Stepho said...

I used to have two gerbils and got along well together, because they from the same litter. Ralph If you want a girl that would happen, but you can not have children and how a baby together and see how they generally approach depends on the personality involved, such as gerbils than with the other gerbils. As for him being alone, not if he continues to play with him. The so makes you happy. I have all kinds of toys Super Pet deposits and will be surprised what you can find in the shops that are specially designed for animals.
Good luck and I hope that loves his new friend Ralph!

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