Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girdles In Color Please Help On Theese 9th Grade Evolution Questions?

Please help on theese 9th grade evolution questions? - girdles in color

Hello, I need help on these issues. They are multiple choice, so that in the first person who gets me all the right answers best answer:

1. A species is a group of organizations:
a. has the same number of chromosomes
b. Cross
c. crossed and not crossed with other
e. Life in the same place

2. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck would come to agree with these statements:
a. You are the eye color is determined by the color of the eyes of their parents.
b. People should not have a timetable.
c. Bob-tailed cats developed several generations of cats had bitten the tail.
d. The snakes must have a pelvic girdle.

3. Natural selection on a feature in MaySpirit occur if the train is _______.
a. hereditary
b. favorable
c. Behavior
d. morphological
e. a new mutation

4. Part of the theory of natural selection refers to the inheritance of characteristics in the offspring of parents. Why it was originally a weak theory?


Amanda ♥ said...

1. b
2. c (I'm) pretty sure
3. b
4. I do not know

Nicholas H said...

c, c, a, Mendelian genetics was not detected until long after Darwin, the Origin of Species, "wrote

pinkbeag... said...

1. b
2. d (Lamarck believed in the inheritance of characteristics indifividual developed during life.)
3. A
4. Because in time, the way will be transmitted through the genes is not well understood. We were not yet familiar with the different allelic forms detected by the work of Mendel with peppers.

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