Thursday, December 31, 2009

Remote Starter Solenoid Whats Wrong With My Y-block! Did We Blow The Starter Solenoid? We Almost Had It Running!?

Whats wrong with my y-block! did we blow the starter solenoid? we almost had it running!? - remote starter solenoid

Let's see if I am the history of half a year in one or two paragraphs can be summarized as:

I own a 1958 Ford Fairlane. I had a 223 6 cylinder in line behind him. I took it out to be a 292 v8 put into it yblock. Only recently, and finally installed and make all the parts to put into service.

now, today. Let's begin. more ... but not yet started. sorta had the carbs, and there was a fire in him, albeit very small. we realized that we had perhaps the firing order wrong. if we have reached an impasse, and earned the right to host ... . still with me?

Now we have the order around, then went into the key. This time nothing happened. in turn, has not yet expired. We have a remote starter / bridge thing. Now the battery, the charger was in the days before we have tried to circumvent connected, and it worked. but we forget to have on the few times we tried to go to get after the change order.

the battery be dead? We rang the solenoid?


77Impala said...

Check electrical wiring. Either the battery is not the right or the power switch connected in the fire. This would be the engine and not much work with interruptions.

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