Friday, December 11, 2009

Bicycle Shaped Birthday Cake I Just Got A New Bicycle For My Birthday! What Do I Need To Know? How Can I Build Myself Up To Ride It Up Hill

I just got a new bicycle for my birthday! what do i need to know? how can i build myself up to ride it up hill - bicycle shaped birthday cake

I try to travel, but I live near hills and get so heavy on the hill.

Think you can build to get me to go into the mountains with ease?
I am in good shape when I go all the time?
In what area will help me to improve?
What should I know if I start with this bike for the trip?
Regulating the traffic like a motorcycle?
Do you think that at this time will be able to travel great distances and the mountains?
and how long does it take to do all this?

any other information that will be greatly appreciated!


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